Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dist. 40: State Party Chairman Endorses Rep. Aaron Peña

Edinburg – Former Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting has once again endorsed State Representative Aaron Peña to be re-elected in the March 2008 Democratic Primary. The Democratic Party leader, who served as the Texas Democratic Party chairman from 2003 to 2006, first issued an endorsement in 2004 when Peña was first challenged by Eddie Saenz. Representative Peña went on to a landslide victory, beating back his challenger with nearly 65% of the vote.

“I have known Aaron and his family for over 30 years and it is a pleasure to endorse him,” said Soechting. “Aaron is a good Democrat and I encourage every Democrat to come out and vote for him.”

Although it is uncommon for state party chairmen to endorse in the Democratic Primary, Soechting made the extraordinary gesture in their first race. Peña welcomed the support of another good Democrat.

“I thank Charles for his friendship and support,” said Representative Peña. “Good Democrats like Charles have spent years laboring in advancing the cause of working Texans. I am proud to have spent many years working with good people like Chairman Soechting. These are years of experience money cannot buy.”

Representative Peña first started his career in Democratic Party politics at the age of 9 when he worked as a volunteer for the 1968 Democratic Party nominee for President Hubert Humphrey. In college he served as president of the Hidalgo County Young Democrats. Peña later went on to the state capitol where he worked for two Democratic state representatives. The state Texas Democratic Party thereafter put him to work in Austin. This continued until he was hired to work with Democratic United States Senator Bob Krueger. The National Democratic Party called on Peña to help draft the National Platform at the Los Angeles Democratic National Convention. Peña also served as the State Chairman of the Texas New Democrats and the State Tejano Democrats. At the 2004 Democratic National Convention held in Boston he served as a national delegate.

Rep. Pena is currently serving his fifth year in the Texas Legislature.