Saturday, October 27, 2007

St. Rep. Candidate Eddie Saenz Caught Inflating Numbers on YouTube Video

The old saying for some people that you give them enough rope and they will hang themselves is apparently true for Dist. 40 Candidate for State Rep. Eddie Saenz. Saenz is the infamous candidate running against incumbent Aaron Pena. Saenz was featured in news reports for a charge of DWI shortly after announcing his candidacy.

The center of the newest controversy was Saenz' false press statements that also appeared on his website that he had over 400 people at his kick-off. Even Harvey Kronberg was fooled by Saenz press statements claiming 400 people in attendance. On the respected Quorum Report Kronberg carried the claim made by Saenz:

"Nearly 400 friends and supporters packed into Trenton Point in Edinburg Thursday evening to help Eddie Saenz officially kick off his campaign for the Texas House of Representatives, District 40."

Locals and attendees knew right away that the claim was false but it remained a he said she said situation until it was discovered that a Saenz staffer had published a video of the event:

"I saw the same thing on Joe Garza's website. He must have screwed up because he didn't know that Eddie was going to lie to the whole state. Shit I saw that the Quorum Report fell for his lie. The video on was pulled down real fast. There were less than 100 people there."

The video quickly made it apparent to all that candidate Eddie Saenz was lying to the public and the press. Although the video was inexplicably pulled, it quickly appeared on YouTube for all to see.

Valley bloggers are having a field day at Saenz' expense as a result of being caught in an outright deception. Comments on Earn My Vote, a South Texas Blogger have been scathing in their attack on Saenz' deception.

"I just saw the video folks and now we have proof that E-News and Eddie Saenz people are full of shit. There was no 400 people there. Maybe 100 but not 400. Nothing but lies, lies, lies."

The Political Ring, run by the Ring Master, also has been following the debacle. Those commenting have also been incensed by the recurring lies put out by the Saenz media machine:

"Man oh man, Eddie Saenz was caught with his pants down on this one!

He says its four hundred people. Others say it was less than 100. The truth was available on VIDEO on one of Eddie's henchmen's websites. For about 2 hours, video was available with pans of the audience clearly showing less than 100 people.

Come on Eddie we are getting tired of your lies and cover-ups. Put the video back up so that we all can see."

At this date Saenz has not issued an apology or retraction for the deceptive statements. People continue to ask how he hid the "Missing 300" who can't be found on the video.