Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Voices In Our Blood" - Commencement Address 2006

While most politicians in this country are pandering to the fears of the majority on the immigration issue, we are proud to see that our former chairman said it like it is in a recent commencement address at the University of Texas, Pan American. The student body of the university is largely Mexican-American. At a summer graduation ceremony scheduled because of the growing number of graduates at the University, Rep. Aaron Pena is quoted as saying:

More than that - the promising statistic that should awaken a nation - is that nearly 70% of you are the first generation in your family to attain a college degree. As some in this country take a misdirected and regrettable course of fear of everything that is foreign, of everything that is different, here in this room lies the reality and promise of our shared future.

It is the stuff of dreams coupled with the power of an education!"

Our thanks to Dos Centavos for pointing out the transcript of the address. Someone please tell the Rep. to put it on You Tube if he can. Does the university have the video? These kinds of speeches from our Latino leaders should not go unnoticed.

Thanks anyway to the good representative for stating the positive aspects of our community. Congratulations to the many graduates.

We do "stand on the shoulders of giants" and this community is moving forward.